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Improv as an Actor -

Acting & Stage skills for Improv

Improv is stagecraft… let’s treat it that way! You’ve learned to be spontaneous, to accept and build off of your scene partner's ideas. You’re already awesome at really being in the moment and creating delightful outcomes. So how do you take your work up to the next level? By bringing professional acting skills to the stage! In this workshop you will gain acting, staging and delivery skills frequently practiced by professional actors in scripted works and apply them to your improv. Learn easy tricks to create beautiful stage pictures. Gain voice projection skills to make sure you can be heard in any venue. Learn to set up and balance your stage. Want to look better at what you already do wonderfully? Join us in learning new ways to properly grace the stage.

Up Close and Personal -

Improvising Intimacy or intimately improvising 

We talk a big game about “trust” as improvisers… ready to put your money where your mouth is? This workshop will be 2 hours of spin-the-bottle, seven minutes in heaven, and Whose hand is Where! Not really… Ok maybe... The question we actually want to answer is why do we always go for the joke, the laugh or the easy out when intimacy on stage arises? In this workshop we will explore how to get truly intimate with our stage partners, creating connections that can be vulnerable, revealing, truly trusting and perhaps utterly terrifying for some. You will take the daring step in your work of opening the door to your heart on stage, developing yourself into a more trusting and confident performer. Bring out your skills by creating bold and truthful connections with others, transport an audience into the core of a character and take the risk to a “happy” ending.

"No!" for "Yes!" 

When, Where and How to Use ‘NO’ for Good Instead of Evil

“Yes! And…” is our improv mantra isn’t it?? Look, we all know that ‘No’ is a strong, powerful word, but can ‘No’ still lead to building something great on stage? This workshop will dive into using ‘No’ as a launch pad to progress scenes forward and break the habits of relying on ‘No’ as a shield that guards us from making choices that scare us. Embrace your characters honest reactions and understand your fellow players better! Using skills improvisers have worked on for years, this workshop aims to bring out all the good ‘No’ can has to offer your improv, your mental health and the world!. Learn to harness ‘No’ for the power of ‘Yes!’

Fucking Around! -

The Show Within the Show

This workshop is exactly what it sounds like. We want to help and encourage you to call it like you see it, give each other a hard time and try to make each other break mid-scene. Why?? Keith Johnstone has written about, and spoken of the show within the show and we want to see more of it! There is more than just what is happening inside your scenes to play with and this workshop is going to help you find that stuff, learn to exploit it while still maintaining the integrity of your scene. The audience takes surprise and delight in watching the characters we create… and watching us create them, and so can we! Challenge yourself and your scene partners to up your fun, as you learn to play together while you are playing with each other. There is more fun to be milked out of every moment! Let’s fuck with each other until the scene is done!

Connecting In The Dark -

Building your relationship with the audience

Your show begins when you set foot on stage. Spend time crafting the most underestimated and simultaneously most critical skill in performance: building your relationship with the audience. As improvisers we invest in our scene starts, our character creation and the intricacies of our space-work… but it is those first few moments when you meet the crowd and they create their expectations that can make or break your show. This workshop will help you hone your ability to connect with your audiences. From hosting and directing to interviewing the crowd, learn to make those first few moments count and how to honor the most important scene partner you ever had: the people sitting in the dark.