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Home of Infinite Improvabilities

Science Communication

Bridging the gaps of knowledge to the world

Science Communication

How do we do that?

Brain & Body

Using Applied Improv techniques, we develop the brain and body connections to be ready for anything.

Presentation & Performance

From thesis work, grant presentations, and TED style talks Рwe develop stories and presentation skills to be more relatable and prepare for the unexpected. 


We work with educators, students, researchers, large corporations, small businesses, universities, and beyond; all with the desire to connect people to the world.

The whole experience  brought solid awareness to different perceptions, communication gaps and how to deal with them, body expression, was extremely valuable. Also, I never stopped enjoying my self, laughing, and learning throughout. The laughing part is important.
I loved how interactive it was and how it was not a lot of talking at us, more working together on games.
Being able to learn skills to better communicate that aren't directly in my field of research and making them feel more engaged with my work.