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Infinite Improv! combines your suggestions with our spontaneity to create unique and memorable once in a lifetime shows

Anything can happen
& Everything Does

Infinite Improv!’s top-notch performers make your events fun, and memorable!

Private Shows

Based in Oregon, Infinite Improv! is founded on one simple principle: anything can happen, and everything does. Our shows will surprise, delight, and involve your audiences, by creating unique once-in-a-lifetime theatre!

Corporate Training & Conferences

Training Focused on YOU! Highly interactive conference keynotes. Hands-on team-building training. Allow Infinite Improv! to activate your team, your company, or your organization for better

  • Collaboration
  • Science Communication
  • Connection

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Improv Workshops

Our improv philosophy combines the skills actors develop to present polished work on stage, and the spontaneity of finding emotional motivation as an improviser to create memorable moments of comedy and drama.

Let’s create something impossibly memorable!

We’ll make it up together. It will be infinitely fun!