Aden and Eric Nepom of Infinite Improv! perform for a live audience

About Us

Infinite improvabilities!

What we do

We offer a myriad of different ways to enrich your events, including improv shows, workshops, and corporate programs.

Our games-format, long-form, and musical improv shows delight audiences.

Our educational workshops can be tailored to fit the needs of audiences of all ages (and have been!)

And there are an infinite number of possibilities to utilize our training exercises, keynote speaking, and even improv performances to aid in all kinds of communication enhancements in the corporate and scientific world.

About Us

Who are we?

Infinite Improv! is an Oregon-based improvisational theatre troupe focusing on performance, workshops, and educational programs all over the Northwest (and beyond).

Our company (formerly Springboard Improv Theatre Troupe, and even longer back in our history: Thriving Improv Theatre Show!) is made up of community members who specialize as educators, comedians, actors, and other professionals.