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Science Communication

How we bridge the gap between your knowledge and the rest of the world.

Infinite Improv! was founded by someone who just so happens to have a deep love of science AND theatre. Eric Nepom.

This seemingly unlikely combination has been unbelievably helpful in helping innovators communicate their breakthroughs to collaborators, funding agencies, the press, and more.

Our Approach

Brain & Body

Using Applied Improv techniques, we develop the brain and body connections to be ready for anything.


From thesis work, grant presentations, and TED-style talks – we develop stories and presentation skills to be more relatable and prepare for the unexpected. 


We work with educators, students, researchers, large corporations, small businesses, universities, and beyond; all with the desire to connect people to the world.

Other ways to work with Infinite Improv!

Let’s work together to develop

your science communication chops

Help us help you communicate your important ideas to the people who need to hear them most.