Improvised Shows

The tables are set, the guests have RSVP’d… what your event need is something uniquely entertaining! From Fully improvised musicals to one-act plays and even Shakespeare, we can create unique and memorable improv shows that will set your event apart.

A Park, a Policeman, and a Pretty Girl…

Do you remember Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books? We do too! How about a choose-your-own-adventure bit of interactive theatre?! These shows are directed by your audience and performed by our professional performers. These shows can be performed in almost any length of time.

Manacle Improvised: Stories of Love

This internationally touring duo show takes a real love story from the audience, and then stages it as an instant one-act play! Performed by real-life married couple Eric and Aden Nepom one lucky couple will fall in love all over again!

Corporate Training & Conferences

When it comes to corporate training, conference keynotes and breakouts, and membership luncheons, you need content that is valuable to your audience, and you need it delivered in a way that is engaging and sticky! When it comes to communication skills and team culture, improvisers are experts on doing this well! We’ll share impactful techniques for communicating clearly, collaborating brilliantly, and honing your message in a way that helps people want to work more with you.

Science Communication

Communicating complicated concepts to lay people is actually simpler than you might think, and improv can help! Science-communication focused improv training will bridge the gap between your knowledge and the rest of the world!

Team Culture

Highly interactive conference keynotes. Hands-on team-building training. Allow Infinite Improv! to activate your team, your company, or your organization in new and exciting ways!